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Free workshops offered to Parish and Town Councils to become better prepared for emergencies

The Kent Resilience Forum is encouraging Parish and Town Councils to complete or refresh their community resilience plans, to ensure that their communities are ready to respond to a range of potential emergency situations in their local area, from flooding and severe weather, to a loss of utilities.

A community resilience plan will help you to prepare for local risks, identify local resources and volunteers, and consider the needs of those who may be particularly vulnerable in an emergency.

Visit the Kent Prepared website to download guidance and a useful template to help you draw up your community resilience plans here:

Free training sessions

The Kent Resilience Forum has teamed with Kent Association of Local Councils to offer Parish and Town Council members some useful free online workshops that will help them develop community resilience plans. These will be delivered in partnership with an organisation called Communities Prepared.

Parish and Town Councils are urged to sign up for the following free online sessions:

An introduction to community emergency planning in Kent and Medway

1 June 2023 12-1pm

A one-hour online session of discussion, looking at how you could help your community to be more resilient to a range of emergencies. It will cover the basics of getting started with your community resilience plan, including an overview of local risks and considering the needs of your community.

This is bespoke Kent and Medway residents only and will precede Part 1 and Part 2 of the Emergency planning sessions.

Sign up to this event via the Communities Prepared website here.

Communities Prepared - Community Emergency Planning Workshop Part 1

21 June 2023 6-7pm

This is the first of a two-part workshop. Session 1 will examine the purpose and potential of emergency plans with a sharing of ideas of what your next steps could be.

Sign up to the here.

Communities Prepared - Community Emergency Planning Workshop Part 2

5 July 2023 6-7pm

The second session will focus on specific elements of your developing emergency plan. Sign up here.

There will be an opportunity to work on your plan between the two sessions and share it with Communities Prepared for feedback.

Please note: you will need to register as a member of Communities Prepared in order to access the communities prepared learning space this and enrol on these courses, as well as register for the events.

Follow-up sessions are also being planned for the Autumn, where you will get the chance to learn more about aspects of emergency planning and practice your emergency plans.

What is Communities Prepared?

Communities Prepared is a national community resilience programme that equips Community Emergency Volunteers (CEV) and Flood Warden groups with the knowledge and confidence to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a range of emergencies, from flooding and severe weather incidents to pandemics. Visit the Communities Prepared website here.

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