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Prepare for flooding

Prepared communities are resilient communities

To be as prepared as possible - and therefore as resilient as possible - follow the advice and access the resources in each of the links below:           


  1. Check your flood risk

  2. Protect your home

  3. Protect your business

  4. Flood wardens

  5. Prepare your community flood plan

  6. Flooding: public health advice


Some of it you will be able to do on your own, some of it you'll need help from others in your community. Help is available at any stage of the process.


Contact your local Flood Resilience Team at the Environment Agency at or on 03708 506 506.


0345 988 1188


Floodline is a dedicated phone information service you can call to receive the latest information for your area during a flood.


You can also call Floodline to register for flood warnings.

Flood warnings

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