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Kent travel advice

Local and passenger travel


Make sure you’re prepared for every single journey, whether you are a resident, a visitor or travelling towards Kent's ports.


Check before you travel

As a popular tourist destination and a key route to Europe, Kent's roads can get busy. If you need to travel by car, make sure you’re prepared for #EverySingleJourney and #CheckBeforeYouTravel.

​For up-to-date travel information and advice check the following Twitter accounts:


If you need to travel in Kent, visit Kent County Council’s travel page for further advice on how to check your route and prepare.

For overseas travel advice, visit


Prepare your car


Traffic jams can happen at any time so make sure you have fuel, food, drink, warm clothes or blankets and essential medicine supplies. If you have young children then pack extra provisions such as nappies.

If you are stuck in a traffic jam

  • Stay in your car - emergency vehicles will be moving through the traffic and the queues could start moving at a moment’s notice.

  • Keep in touch with the travel news - so you know what’s happening.

  • If you need medical advice call 111 or visit - 111 will help you get the right care. Please only call 999 in an emergency.

  • Please take your rubbish home with you for recycling or safe disposal – keeping a bag in your vehicle to collect up food packaging and other waste is a handy way to stop litter reaching the roadside where it can cause a danger to other road users, the environment and wildlife.

In the event of major disruption

  • When significant disruption is ongoing, emergency welfare assistance may be given to stranded drivers where it is safe and practical to do so.

  • This emergency response is coordinated by Kent County Council on behalf of the Kent and Medway Resilience Forum (KMRF). 

  • We know members of the public want to help those stuck in severe gridlock but, even when traffic is stationary, motorways are dangerous places and people should not put themselves at risk. KMRF partners are trained to work in such environments and will work to ensure those caught in disruption get the support they need.

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