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Business continuity planning

What is business continuity?

Business continuity (BC) encompasses planning and preparation to ensure that an organisation can continue to operate in case of serious incidents or disasters, and is able to recover to an operational state within a reasonably short period.

Did you know?


20% of companies will suffer a fire, flood, power failures, terrorism, hardware or software disaster.

Of those without a business continuity plan:

  • 80% will fail in just over a year

  • 43% will not even reopen

  • 93% that experience a significant data loss are out of business within five year.

  • 90% of businesses that suffer total loss of a mission critical facility and do not have Business continity plans go out of business within 2 years.

  • A company that experiences a computer outage lasting more than 10 days will never fully recover financially.

Top Tips


Risk assess your business against your organisational risks


Create a business continuity plan


Test your plan
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