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High winds

Protecting yourself and your property

Be prepared 


  • Secure or store loose objects outside so that they cannot be blown and create a hazard.

  • Close and fasten doors and windows securely. 

  • Park vehicles in a garage or well away from trees, buildings, walls and fences.

During high wind

  • Stay indoors as much as possible - don’t go outside to repair damage during a storm. 

  • Find shelter in a substantial, permanent and enclosed building.

  • Slow down if driving on exposed routes, such as across bridges.

  • Find alternative, less exposed routes if possible. 

  • Take particular care of side winds if driving a high-sided vehicle or if you’re towing another vehicle or container. 

  • Don’t touch electrical or phone cables that have blown down or are hanging loose.

Fallen tree on building, showing roof damage (Adobe stock image)
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