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Loss of electricity

Be prepared

Who should I contact if there is a power cut?


In a power cut ring UK Power Networks, not your energy supplier.


UK Power Networks distributes more than a quarter of the UK’s electricity through its networks of substations, underground cables and overhead lines making sure the lights stay on across the South East, London and the East of England, including Kent, regardless of who customers pay their energy bills to.

Before a power cut:

  • Make sure your home is well insulated to keep your home warm longer in a power cut

  • Keep your mobile phone charged and consider keeping a rechargeable mobile ‘powerbank’ if you have one

  • Keep at least one landline phone with a cord as cordless phones won’t work in a power cut

  • Keep a torch handy, check it is working and make sure it has spare batteries.

In the event of a power cut:

  • Stay well away from any damaged power lines and report it to UK Power Networks 

  • Check UK Power Networks live power cut map and follow @ukpowernetworks on Twitter for updates

  • Locate your torch

  • Take care if using candles, naked flames and portable heating. Never leave lit candles in unoccupied rooms or with unsupervised children or animals

  • Look out for vulnerable neighbours

  • Don’t open fridges for any longer than necessary. They will normally stay cold for many hours.

UK Power Networks' logo

Keep UK Power Networks’ numbers handy 

Call 105 or 0800 3163 105 in a power cut

If you are in vulnerable circumstances join UK Power Networks’ free Priority Services Register


For more information about this service:

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