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Kent & Medway Resilience Forum hosts first Building Resilient Communities workshop

Updated: Jun 7

Achieving a whole-of-society approach to preparedness for emergencies was the focus of Kent and Medway Resilience Forum’s in-person Building Resilient Communities workshop held on 21 May 2024.


The event, run in partnership with the Kent Association of Local Councils and the Kent Resilience Team and hosted by Ashford Borough Council, brought together representatives from parish, town, and community councils across Kent to explore the crucial role of place-based community resilience in preparing for and overcoming local challenges and emergencies.

The workshop, delivered by Communities Prepared, is the first of its kind to be delivered in Kent and consisted of five engaging sessions, each focusing on different aspects of community resilience. These included understanding current and future challenges, exploring the fundamentals of resilience, discussing professional roles and responsibilities during emergencies, showcasing community contributions to resilience-building through case studies, and identifying unique strengths within communities to enhance local resilience.


During the day, officials from the Met Office, Environment Agency, KCC Highways & Transportation, and Ashford Borough Council's Emergency Planning team delivered informative and interesting presentations on community resilience topics.

In addition, Tenterden Town Council provided an informative overview on producing a local community resilience plan, and Chiddingstone Parish Council inspired delegates with a presentation on establishing a pilot parish cluster approach to community resilience.

Throughout the workshop, attendees had the opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions, share their own experiences, network with fellow participants, and visit partner stands, which included Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue, Environment Agency, South East 4x4 Response, Raynet-UK’, Kent Police promoting My Community Voice engagement tool.


KFRS Assistant Director Leanne McMahon, Chair of the Kent and Medway Resilience Forum Community Resilience Group said: "The Building Resilient Communities Workshop served as a powerful reminder that resilience is a collaborative effort, requiring the involvement of government agencies, all levels of local councils, community organisations, businesses, and residents.

By working together and leveraging the strengths within our communities, we can enhance our preparedness and ability to withstand and recover from emergencies and challenges.


“As we move forward, we hope the insights and inspiration gained from this workshop spark further discussions and are translated into practical actions towards building a more resilient future for all our communities.”


Further information and resources to help communities become better prepared for emergencies and producing a community resilience plan can be found on our community resilience web pages here: Building Community Resilience | Kent Prepared

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