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Preparing a flood plan

Getting involved in writing a community plan, and helping to implement it during a flood, will help save lives and minimise the damage and distress flooding can cause.


A community flood plan sets out:

  • The locations at risk of flooding in your community

  • Actions to be taken before, during and after a flood

  • Contact details of volunteers/ flood wardens and the cascade of information during a flood

  • What your local triggers to activate your plan are

  • Important telephone numbers

  • Available resources

  • Arrangements with the authorities

  • Vulnerable residents/properties. 


It’s also important to understand the role that each responding organisation plays during a flood and therefore who you need to make contact with before, during and after.


​As part of your plan you may wish to identify certain skills or equipment that residents have that may be of use to your community.


Or you may wish to identify a group of volunteers that can help communicate between the flood plan coordinators and local residents. The link below leads to a letter template that can be adapted to suit your needs. 

Flood plan resources


Developing your flood plan

Download a community flood plan template

Community flood plan.JPG

Developing your community flood plan

Guidance can be downloaded

Front page of Developing your community flood plan document

Testing your flood plan - coastal flooding scenario

Guidance can be downloaded

coastal flooding scenario.JPG

Testing your flood plan - river flooding scenario

Guidance can be downloaded

River flooding scenario.JPG
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