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Protect your business

Preparing a plan for your business gives you time to think about what you would do if your business flooded, what you would need, who you would need to contact and where to find their contact numbers.


Time spent on it now may reduce the financial, emotional and physical impact any potential flood may have on you, your staff, your premises and your business in the future.

Is your business prepared for flooding? 


Know if you’re at risk

  • Do you know if you're at risk of flooding?

  • Are flood warnings available in your area?

  • Do you know how you can receive flood warnings?


Preparing a flood plan

  • Do you know how your business will respond to a flood?

  • Do you have a list of useful numbers including Floodline, local authority, and your insurance company?

  • Do you know how to shut off your gas/electric/water supplies?

  • Are your stock, fittings and valuable equipment stored above flood level?

  • Have you developed flood contingency plans with suppliers and/or clients?

  • Can you call someone to help you in the event of a flood?


Staff training and evacuation

  • Are you aware of correct flood safety procedures for you and your staff?

  • Have you trained your staff on flood safety procedures?

  • Can your staff work quickly and efficiently to protect your business in the event of a flood?


Protecting your property

  • Have you installed flood protection products?

  • Do you have a stockpile of useful materials such as plastic sheeting, sandbags (unfilled), sand, nails, hammer, shovel, wood, and a saw?

  • Have you installed non-return valves in your toilets and drains?

  • Do you and your staff have high ground where you can park your cars?

  • Are your electrical sockets above flood level?

  • Do you have computer equipment in the basement?


Flood insurance

  • Do you have sufficient insurance cover in the event of a flood situation?

  • Do you know what information your insurer will require to support a claim?



  • Do you have an easy way to let your staff know about an evacuation?

  • Do you know which roads will stay open in your area during a flood?

  • Have you identified where staff can shelter in the event of a flood during work hours?

Did you know...?

If you are a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), you have access to FSB Insurance Services - its own insurance broker.


Visit the FSB website for information on flood insurance, and the options available to small businesses: 


Would your business stay afloat?

Download this template and create your own business flood plan 

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Are you prepared for flooding?

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