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Flood wardens

The flood warden role


Flood wardens are volunteers trained to help and prepare people in local communities that are at risk of flooding. They play an important role in the preparing a community flood plan and putting it in to practice.


They also provide a vital link between a local community and those responsible for responding to a flood.

Helping the community before, during and after a flood


  • Identify problem areas within your community

  • Identify vulnerable people and properties

  • Write a community flood plan

  • Monitor watercourses within the community

  • Encourage sign up to free Flood Warnings

"Some people gain huge rewards in helping others and becoming a flood warden can be a really good way to give back to your community."                                       


  • Communicate the risk of flooding within the community

  • Help co-ordinate the community flood plan

  • Heed emergency services advice at all times

  • Share information from the Environment Agency and emergency services with residents

  • Encourage residents to take action

  • Collect flood event information



  • Assist in the post-flood clear up if required

  • Continue to act as a communication channel

  • Collect post-flood data and photos

  • Assist in the review of the community flood plan


You will be the eyes and ears of the community and will help develop your local flood plan.

You can choose to meet with other flood wardens in your community as often as you like, typically twice a year.


These meetings could be used for:

  • Updating your flood plan

  • Checking contact details

  • Talking about ways to recruit new wardens

  • Maintaining interest for existing wardens

How do I become a flood warden?


The Environment Agency and Kent Resilience Team provide training for your community. It is free and takes just 2 hours of an evening or at the weekend. The training consists of five key modules.


  • Role of a flood warden

  • Types of flooding

  • Catchment overview

  • Flood and weather warnings

  • Flood safety awareness


Once the training is complete we will provide you with a comprehensive handbook, a high-visibility vest and an emergency kit bag for use in your community.

Trained wardens may download the updated flood warden handbook. If you would like a printed copy of this handbook , please contact the Environment Agency Flood Resilience Team

Please note that flood warden training must be completed before you are legally licensed to operate and covered by insurance.


Who do I contact about becoming a flood warden?


Please email the Environment Agency Flood Resilience Team to register your interest in the next training sessions at

Existing flood wardens


Wardens that have completed the training can choose to complete an online refresher course which consists of four modules covering:

  • the role of a flood warden

  • types of flooding

  • weather warnings

  • safety awareness.


If you would like access to this refresher course, please contact your local Environment Agency Flood Resilience Team by email at


How do I update my details?

To update your contact details, or if you no longer wish to be a flood warden please email the Environment Agency Flood Resilience Team at

Flood warden kit

Flood warden kit with red backpack , yellow hi-vis vest and clipboard

Flood warden handbook 

Front cover of flood warden handbook
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