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Pack an emergency 'grab bag'

Your grab bag will hold your essentials

In an emergency, you may need to move quickly, so it’s important to have necessities at hand. Ideally, you should pack an easy-to-carry bag with essentials and store it in an accessible place. At the very least, you should make an up-to-date list of things to put into your ‘grab bag’.


The contents will vary depending on your needs but may include:

• Essential/prescribed medication, plus asthma and respiratory aids
• Hearing aids
• Spectacles, contact lenses
• Useful phone numbers
• Mobile phone and charger
• House and car keys
• Money, credit cards
• First aid kit
• Basic toiletries e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary towels
• Baby and small children supplies
• Food, formula, drink
• Change of clothing
• Nappies
• Toys, books, activities
• Food
• Bottled drinking water
• Can opener
• Clothing & Equipment
• Wind and rainproof clothing
• Strong outdoors shoes
• Waterproof torch, spare batteries (check regularly) Consider a wind-up model.
• Radio, spare batteries (check regularly) Consider a wind-up model.
• Copies of insurance documents
• Anti-bacterial hand wipes/gel
• Blankets, sleeping bags
• Sun hats, sunscreen
• Toilet paper
• Rubbish bags
• Thermos flasks
• Pet supplies

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