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Issue One - Autumn 2020

Welcome to this feature-length edition of Kent Prepared, your new newsletter from the Kent Resilience Team (KRT), the delivery arm of the Kent Resilience Forum (KRF).


by Mark Rolfe, interim Head of the Kent Resilience Team

Becoming interim Head of the KRT in the midst of an emerging global health pandemic was always going to be a steep learning curve. I’ve appreciated the warm welcome from all our Kent Resilience Forum (KRF) partners, as we continue to navigate one of the most challenging periods in our lifetime.


Heart-felt thanks go to my predecessor, Fiona Gaffney, for her many years of service with the KRT and Kent County Council (KCC). I wish her well in her new role at the Cabinet Office, which will see her return to the KRF regularly for UK/EU transition work with Border Protocol Delivery Group.

As the KRF continues to focus on the Covid-19 crisis response, recovery and planning for the emergence of any local outbreaks, work is underway to determine a potential combined response to other risks alongside it. Existing plans for of severe winter weather and flooding, seasonal flu outbreaks and potential for traffic disruption at the end of the EU transition period are now being updated to recognise the need for prevention of disease spread, and the impact of a possible second wave of Covid-19.


The critical relationships forged in ‘peacetime’ have been, and will continue to be, crucial to the planning and delivery of the KRF multi-agency emergency response. As we look ahead to next phases, I am confident that the even stronger, more dynamic framework we have in place will help us rise to the next challenges.

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