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Covid 19 guide for flood wardens

Safety considerations during an emergency response

The saving of lives and reducing harm takes priority.

Do not deploy if you:

  • are suffering from Covid 19 or have any of the symptoms

  • are part of the shielded community

  • have been told to self isolate

  • if anyone you are living with is in one of the above categories

  • if you feel at all vulnerable.


Your safety

  • What additional PPE should you be wearing - if any?

  • Employ social distancing.


Additional PPE

  • It is recommended that all flood wardens wear a face covering whilst carrying out their duties.

  • Gloves should be available for the physical passing of information between flood wardens, members of the public, the emergency services or local authority.

  • The carrying of hand sanitiser is recommended for all flood wardens.


Remember it’s about protecting:

  • yourself, your families and your colleagues

  • the emergency response community

  • and above all - members of the public.

Asking about Covid 19 in an emergency response

During your door knocking you may be asked to assist the emergency response community in identifying the current COVID-19 situation within the household.

Only if requested the following three questions should be asked:

  • Do you have a fever?

  • Do you have a new persistent cough?

  • Have you recently lost your sense of taste or smell?


How evacuees respond will determine if they are:

  • Symptomatic or Asymptomatic. You can then ask if they are shielding or self isolating.


Always check the latest Public health England guidance.

Follow these links:

Download the Covid 19 guide in a PDF format 

Covid 19 safety guide for flood wardens PDF

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