PPE guidance for educational settings (schools & nurseries)

Information for those working in educational settings to find the relevant guidance related to Covid-19

Guidance to Educational Settings

The latest guidance and advice to those working in Educational Settings from The Department for Education and Public Health England contains information about the identification of COVID 19 symptoms, and what actions to take when this occurs.



Government advice relating to appropriate cleaning in non-healthcare settings provides guidance on when and how this should be carried out.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The section of the “Guidance to Educational Settings” describing when the wearing of PPE would be appropriate in mainstream education settings currently (correct at 19th May 2020) reads:


“PPE should be worn by staff caring for the child (who has developed COVID symptoms whilst at an educational setting) while they await collection if a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained (such as for a very young child or a child with complex needs).”


Specific advice on PPE for use in various settings has been published on Gov.uk. Please refer to section 10 for recommended PPE types and rationale for use.


When sourcing the required PPE, you should ensure that it meets the following standards:

Disposable gloves – BS EN 374 or EN 455 (with AQL 1.5)

Apron/Apron with sleeves – no standard

Eye protection – EN 166

Fluid resistant (Type IIR) surgical facemasks (FRSM) – BS EN 14683 or ISO 22609

Covid-19 safe ways of working visual guide

A visual guide to PPE

This visual guide to PPE, and the PPE described in the image will be appropriate both for the care of a child who has developed symptoms (as described above) and for cleaning.

Mainstream educational settings should not be considered high risk areas, nor will aerosol generating procedures be carried out. Some specialist educational settings may need to consider whether additional PPE requirements exist based on procedures being carried out by staff.

This visual guide should be viewed in conjunction with the most up to date Government guidance to identify appropriate PPE.

Recommended stocks

An adequate, but proportionate supply of PPE (appropriate to the size of the educational setting) for the potential scenarios above should be maintained, however we would advise this be stored in a central location for use as required, rather than being issued to staff upon receipt.


This will ensure that crucial supplies of PPE, which can often be difficult to source, is sustained and readily available for those in need of protection against suspected COVID cases.

Need further help?

Local Resilience Forums are unable to assist educational settings with the provision of PPE. 


For further advice and guidance please contact your education department point of contact.


Kent schools:  contact your area education officer about access to PPE.


Early Years settings:  liaise with your designated Childcare Sufficiency Officer or Childminding Adviser in the first instance, but you may also contact the relevant area education officer.


Medway schools: contact Paul Clarke if they require PPE. 


Call 01634 331031 or  email at paul.clarke@medway.gov.uk